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You like whisky, right?
You like WhiskyCast, right?

The entry deadline for the 2006 Podcast Awards is July 15, and one of the criteria to become a finalist is the number of nominations a show receives.

So how about you show Mark Gillespie how much you like WhiskyCast and go nominate his excellent show for Best Food/Drink Podcast.

Do It. Now.

I may be going to the Bruichladdich Distillery Academy in September (there are still some spots I believe) – but Bruichladdich isn’t the only show in town.

The Wild Scotsman himself (Jeff Topping) is running a three-day distillery school at Bladnoch, Scotland’s most southerly distillery.

Jeff, John McDougall, Raymond Armstrong &
John Herries will be your instructors while you participate in all
aspects of milling, mashing and distilling. The school costs $700 USD.

There will be two different sessions of the school: October 19-22 and 26-29th.

For more information, contact Jeff Topping directly.

Thanksgiving Potpourri

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some things to give thanks for…

Whisky Bible 2006 Release Date is Near
Got an email from Jim Murray on Monday night telling me that a shipment of his 2006 Whisky Bible should have arrived in New York this past Tuesday; after they get released from customs, they should be in the warehouse and ready to go by the end of the month.

More to follow…
Macallan New Releases Imminent
This in from RemyUSA (The US Importer for Edrington Group whiskies). On December 1, 2005, just in time for holiday giving,  Macallan is launching two new expressions:

  1. A rare, 50 year old whisky in
    a custom designed Lalique Crystal decanter – retails for about $6,000 a bottle. Nice. I’ll take 2.
  2. The Macallan’s new
    Fine Oak 17 year old offering – retails for about $120 a bottle. At this price, buy a case for friends.

TikiBar TV
The funniest thing on TV isn’t on TV. It’s a video podcast.

Each episode of TikiBar TV revolves around Dr. Tiki, JohnnyJohnny, and Lala – a very attractive, usually very drunk girl, as they teach you how to make a specific drink.

The presentation of the drink recipe is wrapped around by some of the most inventive, inane and funniest plots you’ll ever see. Episodes are generally under 5 minutes, and leave you wanting more.

No, TikiBar TV is not focused on Scotch, though I believe they’ve done at least one whisky cocktail. This is good stuff and I wanted to share.

Learn more about it at TikiBar TV. You can also subscribe (for free) through the iTunes Music Store.
And by the way, the funniest thing on TV was Arrested Development until the idiots at Fox canceled it (again).
Compass Box Orangerie a "Scotch Whisky Infusion"
OK, this stuff is simply delicious.

Think of a creamy, sweet Scotch whisky infused with tiny shavings of fresh orange peel & spices.
Imagine it bottled once a year for drinking in cold weather. This is Compass Box ‘Orangerie.’

I shared this with family the night before Thanksgiving, and the response was overwhelming. This is something to be shared. It’s warming, smooth, citrusy and was the perfect accompaniment to the warm turtle brownie sundaes that gourmet Julie whipped up.

Not everyone at the table is a Scotch fan (I know, I know, but they ARE family) but everyone tried it, and everyone loved it.

Orangerie isn’t cheap at anywhere from $33 (Sam’s & Binny’s in Chicago) to $40 (Park Avenue Liquor in New York) for a 375 ml bottle. But what do you expect from a hand-crafted once a year Scotch?

If you want to kiss up to your a-hole boss, need to make sure that government witness will keep his mouth shut, or if you’ve been disinherited and want to get back in good with the aged patriarch of your family, Orangerie will do the job.

If you are looking for where to pick up Compass Box Whisky, check out their site and click on "LOCATE" at the bottom of the page.

The world’s second whisky focused podcast has hit the "net-waves".

Mark Gillespie’s whisky focused podcast is new (only four episodes are available), but shows a lot of promise. Mark doesn’t present himself as a whisky expert, but instead a reporter with over 25 years of experience:

What you won’t find: I won’t rate whiskies, or tell you what to drink, how to drink it, and other pontifical nonsense. That’s because I’m not qualified — I’ve been a broadcast journalist for 25 years, and I’ll bring you interviews with the experts who know what they’re talking about.

Whisky Cast

Monkey Shoulder
Previously (August 5 and September 7th) I wrote about Monkey Shoulder, which is still only available in the UK. In the aforementioned Whisky Bible 2006, Jim Murray gives Monkey Shoulder a very respectable 93 (out of a possible 100) score and says:

Outstanding vatting here by Dave Stewart, who clearly has the malts in the palm of his hands.

I know I have a few readers in the UK, so you guys can take advantage of a few holiday offers:

Win a fine meal for four

Monkey Shoulder has teamed up with the classy Cocoon bar and restaurant, just off Piccadilly, to offer one lucky person the chance to treat their friends to a post-Christmas feast. The prize draw includes a meal for four people, two Monkey Shoulder cocktails each and wine.

2 for 1 at Apartment 195

Throughout November, if you buy a Monkey Shoulder cocktail at Apartment 195, then the next one is on them.

Great Gift
For UK170, you can give a great gift: A bottle of Monkey Shoulder, the New 2006 Whisky Bible and the three Cs – cigars, cheese and chocolate all in an attractive gift "hamper" (that’s box to you and me here in the colonies.)

Read all about these offers and more at Monkey Shoulder.