Singlemalt TV brings you the Bourbon Festival

If you didn’t get a chance to get to the Bourbon festival this year, don’t fret. SMTV was there.

Here’s one of the reports.

Last week Singlemalt TV took their full show on the road, working round-the-clock from
a historic former library in downtown Bardstown as preparations for the 18th Kentucky
Bourbon Festival commenced. Camera crews worked to capture all the offerings of
Bourbon Country, shooting at distilleries and on Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail in the
days leading up to the festival.
After filming a live webcast each morning, camera crews set out on assignment to
various locations around the region. Upon returning from each location, crews turned
over their footage to a video editor working from the Bardstown headquarters who
meticulously cut each segment for a nightly show. For six days and nights Singlemalt
TV’s on-location staff worked to deliver exclusive up-to-the-minute coverage of the KBF
as it unfolded, maintaining their exacting broadcast-caliber standard throughout.

And now there are 6

MPV6frontcvrBack in August '06, Jack Oswald did a 2-part piece for the Scotch Blog telling us about the history of 5 volume "The Malt Project".
On the Road with The Malt Project (Part 1)
On the Road with The Malt Project (Part 2)

Jack just wrote to tell me the 6th volume is now available.

The Coastal & Island Distilleries is a 2-volume set with segments on Orkney, Oban, Mull, Islay, Arran  & Campbeltown – visiting Oban, Tobermory, Bruichladdich, Old PulteneyH, ighland Park, Scapa, Kilchoman, Springbank and more.

A must have for any whisky lover.


Now THIS is fun.

I took Canadian Club to task for the "Your Dad Drank It" ads as being stupid and misogynistic.

I recently came across this commercial (Australian?) for Jim Beam Bourbon.

How’d I miss this the first go around?

From the same parent company. This one is, by comparison, fun.

Update: Another one in the series…(Thanks Michael) & The Mac Owner

I’m all Mac, all the time – which is apparently a problem, as it seems isn’t a fan of the Mac.

Any other Mac owners out there having problems with

Between the audio-visual sync issues and the dropped audio…I can’t watch any episodes enjoyably.

It isn’t my Internet connection as that is a fast broadband connection. Is it better on a PC?

UPDATE: I got a chance to view on a PC. Looks great and no issues (aside from the program bumpers being quite a bit louder than the programs- easily fixed). But wait, did I just see the Speyside Cooperage spelled "Cooperidge"???

On September 29th, an interesting new site will kick off – that’s the day that launches.

Not really "television", it’s an online channel – which is, in my estimation, the next logical step for the integration of infotainment and edumedia.

From the press release: is an Internet Protocol Television channel (IPTV) hosted by Narrowstep (UK), one of the world’s leading IPTV service providers. An IPTV channel brings video  programming directly to the desktop or laptop via the Internet. Viewers who visit have access to programming 24 hours a day with scheduled events and video on demand including news, features and ongoing series, all drawn from the world of Scotch.

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On the Road with The Malt Project – Part 2

Today we bring you part 2 of On the Road with The Malt Project by guest writer Jack Oswald.

At the end of the story there is another chance for one lucky reader to win an "I’m a Peat Freak! Are You?" t-shirt from The Malt Project.

Click here to read part 1.

On the Road with The Malt Project Part 2 – by Jack Oswald

So, it’s about this time that you ask “why are they doing this?”.
We’ve asked ourselves that a number of times.  The real answer is a
labor of love. I lived in Scotland for nearly four years, while I was
an Air Force Officer. Our two oldest kids were born there. (I guess
that’s why Jeff is a malt freak).  We’ve gone back to visit several
times and usually wound up at a distillery. My production associates
are all great single malt fans and we just felt it was something we
wanted to share with our viewers.  As we say on our web site “This is a Whisky DVD series designed for all,
from the novice to the serious connoisseur.  It’s valuable as an
entertaining visit to Scotland and as an educational reference
companion when you’re sharing your malts”.

At this point, you’re supposed to be asking, “What can we expect in
Volume Six?” Glad you asked.  It’ll be another two disc volume probably
titled The Islands, the Shores, and Campbeltown and off the beaten path

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On the Road with The Malt Project – Part 1

I had been planning for some time to write a story about The Malt Project. If you are not familiar with The Malt Project it is a five (and soon to be six) volume DVD series all about Single Malt Scotch.

When I started corresponding with Jack Oswald, I found out that he was in the midst of completing production on the latest volume in the series.

I thought it would be great if Jack could tell us, in his own words, about The Malt Project and how it got started. Jack was happy to oblige, and here is the result…

At the end of each segment of this 2-parter there is a chance for one
lucky reader to win an "I’m a Peat Freak! Are You?" t-shirt from The
Malt Project.

On the Road with The Malt Project Part 1– by Jack Oswald

Seventeen days, seventeen hundred miles, 8 car ferry trips and 22 distilleries later, we arrived back in Phoenix with 16 hours of new high quality digital video for The Malt Project. 

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