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Happy Hogmanay!

In keeping with Scottish First Foot tradition, make sure a dark-haired man (and NOT a light-haired man, or a woman), is the first person to cross your threshold after midnight. He should be bearing a gift. This will ensure good luck in the new year!

Ian Buxton just let me know that Whiskipedia is live.

It uses a separate registration than The Whisky Channel, but it uses the same engine as Wikipedia, so if you are familiar with posting/reading Wikipedia, they’ll be no learning curve.

From the site:

First of all, our thanks are due to Gavin Smith,
well-known whisky author, who has kindly provided the overwhelming bulk
of the site at launch (1st January 2008) in full recognition that you
will probably all mangle it unrecognisably. The launch text is drawn
from Gavin’s excellent and authoritative book Whisky: A Book of Words (Carcanet Press, 1993),and subsequent paperback edition The A-Z of Whisky (NWP).  A new and fully revised edition will be published sometime in 2008.  BUY THIS BOOK!

However comprehensive this initial coverage it can never be
totally complete and some entries require revision. THIS IS WHERE YOU
The site is arranged in classic ‘wiki’ format, which means you can add
new articles and edit existing entries. Please feel free to do so,
bearing in mind some commonsense rules for behaviour:

1. Please log in and identify yourself. Attributed entries
carry greater authority. If you want to post it you should be prepared
to put your real name to it!

2. Please respect the opinions and views of other users and do
onto others as you would be done by. It’s a community – be nice.

3.  Distillers/Brand Owners: By all means post an entry
on your brand/distillery/key personnel, but confine yourself to matters
of fact and historical record. ‘Flogs’ and blatant puffs will be
removed and, if you keep doing it, you’ll be blocked! Kindly don’t
pretend to be a consumer – we’ve seen that trick before.

4. The site administrator’s decisions are final. They may also
be arbitary, inconsistent, capricious and downright wilful. Get over

Enjoy the site.  In the words of Austin Powers "Oh, behave."  Have fun.

Check it out: www.whiskipedia.ORG.

I’ve looked at the whisky-related pages on the original Wikipedia and was appalled by the stupidity and inaccuracies I’ve seen on that site. I’m hoping that this one is better, more accurate and will be the final word in on-line whisky information.

Flying Dog's move

This in from Stephen Beaumont, Beer Guru extraordinaire:

Earlier this week, it was announced that Flying Dog (ed. – Brewery – Denver Colorado) would be moving all of its production to Maryland.
(ed. – where 70% of all production is done already).

 This, of course, raises questions about Stranahan’s, since their mash
is produced at the brewery next door. I directed that question to Jess,
and he replied thusly:

contingencies are in place. We will continue to make the best whiskey
Colorado can produce. We will miss our friends at Flying Dog, but
Colorado is an amazing location for producing craft beers and great
whiskey mash. I will keep you informed of our progress. I am very
excited about the new possibilities and opportunities this transition
will present.

So it looks like production will continue apace.

Jess verified that things are on track. . .


We have had a strong response from the local craft beer community! I anticipate no interruption in our production. We are very excited about 2008 expecting to expand sales and solidify existing markets.

12 days of Scotchmas: Scotch Whisky Review

And concluding our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.

Hopefully something struck your fancy and you took advantage of some of the discounts these companies were kind enough to offer!

I have been reading the Scotch Whisky Review for some time – but only first wrote a story about it back in February 2007. In that story I said:

Wickedly smart. Bitingly funny. Loads of caustic wit.

These are just some of the terms that might be used to describe the
Scotch Whisky Review.


The bottom line is that The Scotch Whisky Review should be on the reading list of every serious whisky fan.

And to make sure that you read it, I’ve arranged for a discount:

Current subscription rates are:

UK £10.00
EUROPE £14.00

The SWR is published quarterly (4 times per year), but if you email them with 12 days of Scotchmas in the subject line, they’ll be happy to give you 5 issues for the regular subscription price of 4 issues.

And they are apparently working on that god-awful web site. The Scotch Whisky Review. 

This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: Calendar

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.

Yes I originally talked about this one in October, but it IS a great gift…and there’s more…

Scotchcalendar 2008 "Malts of Scotland" Scotch Calendar.

Think of the calendar as a 12 month tasting notebook, as each month
features a large shot of the featured bottle along with tasting notes,
some information on the distillery, maps of the distillery and
factoids. The pictures are large, clear and attractive. The layout is
great and best of all it’s informative.

The calendar should make the whisky geek in your life (uh, I mean you) quite happy. 

Suggested retail is USD $12.99 (CDN $17.99; GBP £10.99) – though of course it’s available cheaper through Amazon: 2008 Scotch Calendar


Yep, I have another one to give away, which I will again give free of charge (that
includes postage) to the second person person to send in a picture of
themselves wearing the new The Scotch Blog or Free Scotland shirt.

This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: Balvenie SherryOak

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.

Have you been collecting the 17 year old collection from Balvenie? To date there’s been an Islay 17 year old, a New Wood 17 year old, and the New Oak 17 year old.

Balvenie recently released the latest edition in the line – the SherryOak 17 year old.

Like all of the 17 year old Balvenie whiskies this one is limited,
and like all the 17 year old Balvenie whiskies, this one should be well

Take standard Balvenie, and mature it completely in Spanish oak
casks, which had previously held Sherry, for 17 years. What you get is
a sweet and smooth whisky – nicely balanced. It’s smooth, but also rich – and if you are a sherry-whisky fan, you’ll enjoy
it. A lot.

It has an interesting "2 pronged finish" –
the main flavors drop off, but a different, sherry-ishness (stewed
fruits and spice) lingers nicely.

It somehow seems very "Christmas-y" to me, eh, but maybe I’m
just in a Christmas-y mood.

Bottled at 43%,a really nice way to see an old Balvenie wearing a new outfit.

Should run you around $90 (USD).

This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: Malt Advocate Magazine

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.
We’ve got gift ideas, discounts, and Free Stuff through the weekend and right up until Christmas Eve day (December 24th), so keep checking in!

Mam To close out our 12 Days of Scotchmas, here’s a discount on another must-read whisky publication – Malt Advocate.

Malt Advocate magazine is the United States’  leading whisky magazine.
It’s published quarterly and covers more than just Scotch – all the world’s finest whiskies grace the pages – Irish whiskey, bourbon
American, Japanese and Canadian whisky.

The magazine includes features,
columns, product reviews in their acclaimed Buyer’s Guide and up-to-date
whisky news.

Malt Advocate is offering a special rate of $3 off the normal subscription rate (The U.S. subscription is $18 <$18-$3=$15>).

The $3 USD discount extends to all non-U.S. orders as well.

The special super secret code for the discount is newsub07 which you will have to enter in the appropriate box when subscribing.

The offer is for
new subscribers only and is good until December 31st.

Subscribe here.

This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: Classic Expressions


Ian Buxton & Neil Wilson want to offer The Scotch Blog readers a 10% on either (or both) of the 2 published Classic Expressions books:

Reminiscences of a Gauger
by Joseph Pacy (1873)

With a new introduction and commentary by Ian Buxton

Published price (copies 76 – 300) : £50 (plus carriage)

» More Information about ‘Reminiscences of a Gauger’

Smuggling in the Highlands
by Ian MacDonald (1914)

With a new introduction and commentary by Gavin D. Smith

Published price (copies 76 – 300) : £50 (plus carriage)

» More Information about ‘Smuggling in the Highlands’

To receive the discount:

  • You must pay using PayPal
  • Enter the promotional code FOKE when prompted on PayPal, which will give you the discount
    • Though the individual book pages say the price is £50, when you
      go to the payment box (PayPal) you will see the price reduced to £45.
  • The code will work until December 31st, so it’s a great way to spend your Christmas gift money.


This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: Glenfiddich

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" with a UK only gift idea.

Only available for purchase online via the Glenfiddch UK shop.

For an unusual Christmas gift that lasts the whole year long, Glenfiddich® Single Malt Scotch Whisky has created a unique gift that promises to transform next year into a whole new experience for the recipient.

The Glenfiddich Quartet has been specially crafted to deliver a different aged Glenfiddich direct to the door of you or a friend every quarter of the coming year, sending that special person on a twelve month journey of discovery. From the fresh pear of Glenfiddich 12 Year Old at Christmas, through to the Caribbean inspired Glenfiddich 21 Year Old in the autumn, The Glenfiddich Quartet promises to make 2008 a year to remember.

Continue Reading >>

12 days of Scotchmas: Michael Collins

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.


McgiftThe handsome Golf Gift Set features a 750ml bottle of Michael Collins Irish Whiskey, an elegant flask etched with the Michael Collins logo, and a tooled leather carrying case for the flask that includes four golf tees and two place markers – perfect for the golf enthusiast on your gift list!  The box itself features Michael Collins cocktail recipes.  The limited-edition Michael Collins Golf Gift Set is destined to be a hit at the 19th hole.

Named for the legendary Irish hero, Michael Collins Irish Whiskey is the finest Irish whiskey.  Available in its distinct bottle that is fashioned after Irish crystal, Michael Collins Irish Whiskey is lig
ht and lively on the palate.  Michael Collins is an easy drinking blend that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a variety of delicious cocktails.   

Look for the Michael Collins Golf Gift Set at fine liquor stores across the country.  Michael Collins Irish Whiskey is imported by Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc. of New Rochelle, NY who encourages all those 21 and over to drink responsibly.  For more information, visit www.sidneyfrank.com.

This is a press release.

This is NOT a paid promotion.

12 days of Scotchmas: 1968 Glenfarclas

Continuing our "12 days of Scotchmas" gift guide.

ANOTHER discount from our friends at Kessler Wine & Spirit – they must like you guys.


Kessler Wines & Spirits is offering a The Scotch Blog reader discount on the 1968 Glenfarclas.

Regular price is $315. but for you, the bargain price of $270.00 that’s $45 off the price (we apparently have math-challenged readers). 

Reading PeatFreak never got you a deal like that. (But you should read it anyway.)

This offer is good through December 21st.

Email orders only – mention you read about the discount on The Scotch Blog.

Ships UPS ground anywhere in the US (except MI).

Shipping charge for UPS ground: $15 for 1, $20 for 2,
$28 for 3, $30 for 6.

Contact Patrick@winfieldflynn.com

Kessler Wines & Spirits
New York, New York

This is NOT a paid promotion.