A snazzy black case showed up last last week.

In it were several bottles of whisky as well as an empty bottle, a mixing flask, a glass funnel and a tasting glass.

It’s part of the Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Journeyman Blending Event webcast I was invited to participate in tomorrow.

It’s great that producers are finally starting to embrace – and figure out how to use – the web as a marketing tool.

It opens up new opportunities for social connection and promotion. And of course, while this is an invite-only event (due to the physical components) webcasts allow for that one-to-many marketing reach – in a completely interactive way that print/broadcast and even viral videos cannot offer.

For the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Johnnie Walker Black Label, we’d love to have you join us as we blend single malt whiskies along with Johnnie Walker Black Label Master Blender via a by-invitation only webcast on September 29th at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time.

2009 marks the 100th Anniversary of Johnnie Walker Black Label. In honor of this momentous occasion one of the Johnnie Walker Master Blender’s – Andrew Ford – will be traveling from Scotland for a rare private event. He’ll be hosting a live webcast blending exercise and we’d love for you to participate in it.

You will be taken through a series of single malts, nosing and blending these fine spirits from around the various regions of Scotland, from the comfort of your home or office. You’ll even be able to submit questions via the webcast.

Sounds like fun. I may live blog about it over on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/realerskine), but I may be too busy mixing up my own bottle of JW Black.

It’s tomorrow at 3pm (Eastern Daylight Time)…and I’ll surely have a follow-up post here.


Singlemalt TV brings you the Bourbon Festival

If you didn’t get a chance to get to the Bourbon festival this year, don’t fret. SMTV was there.

Here’s one of the reports.

Last week Singlemalt TV took their full show on the road, working round-the-clock from
a historic former library in downtown Bardstown as preparations for the 18th Kentucky
Bourbon Festival commenced. Camera crews worked to capture all the offerings of
Bourbon Country, shooting at distilleries and on Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail in the
days leading up to the festival.
After filming a live webcast each morning, camera crews set out on assignment to
various locations around the region. Upon returning from each location, crews turned
over their footage to a video editor working from the Bardstown headquarters who
meticulously cut each segment for a nightly show. For six days and nights Singlemalt
TV’s on-location staff worked to deliver exclusive up-to-the-minute coverage of the KBF
as it unfolded, maintaining their exacting broadcast-caliber standard throughout.

Malt Whisky Yearbook – ‘10 edition

Jesus Christ. Is it almost 2010?

Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars and a female American president by now?

Well those predictions were wrong.

But I AM predicting that the 2010 version of the Malt Whisky Yearbook will be published on October 1st.

And THAT is a prediction that you can count on.

Ingvar Ronde tells me “I think I can safely say it will be the best edition ever!”

Considering how good all the previous years editions have been, Ingvar has set himself up with some high  standards.

I believe him.

Published by MagDig Media Ltd.

Publication date; 1 October 2009

Number of pages; 276

ISBN 978-0-9552607-6-6

Recommended retail price in UK; £12.95


Dewar’s Discovery Gift Set

Hey kids, It’s a early Scotchmas idea….

The specially designed gift set consists of three 200-millileter bottles of Dewar’s top scotches, including the Dewar’s 18 Founder’s Reserve, currently being released for the first time in the United States in limited quantities. Dewar’s 18 is flanked by Dewar’s 12 and Signature, the top-shelf luxury scotch.

The custom- sized bottles come in a genuine leather case that can later be used to hold small items and even cigars.

The Dewar’s Discovery Gift Set retails for $100 and is available nationwide at local spirits outlets.

The bigger they come

World’s Biggest Bottle of Whisky unveiled

By Alexander Lawrie

A TINY Scotch whisky distillery has made the Guinness Book of Records after producing the world’s largest bottle of whisky.

The massive bottle of single malt was filled by hand with105 litres of 14-year-old Tomintoul Speyside Glenlivet Scotch.

And when full, the giant five foot container holds the equivalent of 150 standard bottles.

The monster whisky bottle, which will be on permanent display at the Clockhouse in the village square at Tomintoul village, was the brainchild of the Tomintoul distillery and a local whisky shop.

And after filling the gigantic bottle, the huge cork had to hammered into place with a massive mallet.

Duncan Baldwin, Tomintoul Distillery’s brand development director, said: “We are delighted to have been successful in achieving this record as ratified by Guinness Book of World Records.

“It was quite nerve-racking, filling and labelling such a large vessel by hand and especially so when sealing the bottle with the largest cork I have ever seen as it had to be hammered in with a mallet but the exercise went very well.

“It should be a great talking point for Tomintoul Distillery, the village and its visitors.”