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If you aren’t already reading “What Does John Know” (and if you’re not you should), there’s an interesting discussion going on with input from all sorts including Tim from The Whisky Exchange, the mysterious “Whisky Party“, Serge Valentin from Whisky Fun, Beer Guy Stephen Beaumont, John himself and of course me (because I can’t keep my mouth shut).

John asked:

Now that he’s (Michael Jackson) gone, who is out there to pick up where he left off? Let’s just focus on whisky for the time being. Obviously there will never be another Michael Jackson, but is there a clear, emerging leader who whisky enthusiasts can gravitate towards and respect?

My initial answer:

The question isn’t “Will” someone replace MJ. The question is “Does someone need to”. The answer is “No”.

The discussion has now turned to new media vs. the old paradigm of the printed whisky guide.

The discussion has been great and is not likely to slow down.
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(Oh and WhiskyParty has a good editorial on it as well)

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Comments (5)

  1. Mysterious no longer – I’ll be at the Macallan Twitter tasting next week in NYC.

    Thanks for the link – and the discussion over at MA. We seem to be in general agreement on this.

  2. Unfortunately I will not be there as I will be attending the TV on The Radio concert in lovely Richmond, Virginia. Drink some for me and say hi to the peeps.

    We will soon split into 2 sides NewMedia vs OldMedia. There can be only one.

  3. I will still buy books as long as I get funny looks when trying to take a laptop into the toilet ;)

  4. Ha. I am not saying books will be obsolete anyime soon. But that was in response to “Books will NEVER be obsolete”.

  5. […] Before I get into this edition of Best in Blog, I need to point all of our readers to a major discussion happening over at the Malt Advocate Blog. As I noted two days ago, John Hansell posed the question “Who will be the successor to Michael Jackson?” and the discussion has raged on for days. All the major whisky bloggers are participating and there are 45 comments as of this writing. You can see my response in full here, but you should definitely go and jump in with your $.02.  The Scotch Blog has also posted about it here. […]

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