Scotch Whisky Glass.com

Fellow Richmond, Virginia resident Ken Blankenship wanted to let people know that he recently launched SCOTCHWHISKYGLASS.COM, a new GLENCAIRN Glassware website.

For a wide selection of GLENCAIRN whisky glassware, including the Traditional GLENCAIRN Tasting Glass in unetched and Distillery etched Logo form, Cut Crystal, Nosing Copitas, IONA Water Pitchers and Whisky Accessories.


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  1. The shape is perfect for containing the full bouquet of scents in your dram as well as giving you a small handle in the stumpy stem. Holding the glass by the stem gives you a wonder sipping experience and keeps your body heat from heating up the glass and over-warming your drink.

  2. These are the only three that I have experienced that really caught my eye as an appropriate glass for developing the single-malt drinking experience.

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