Announcing the nominees for the 2008 Drammie Awards

Let the voting begin.

  • Please vote for Only one nominee in each category.
  • Keep It clean
  • Voting Goes through March 6th 2009
  • Winners will announced soon afterward…

All of the italicized comments are taken from nomination submissions. None of them are my editorials…

Submit votes to drammies at thescotchblog dot com.

Best Packaging/ Marketing Campaign


•    Glenmorangie Signet
Absolutely LOVE the Glenmorangie SIGNET packaging

•    Elements of Islay

•    Ardbeg Blasda
The bottle is a departure from the traditional Ardbeg, but so is the whisky it contains.  The “A” being visible through the bottle is a nice touch.

•    Tuthilltown’s Hudson Bay
I love the stout little bottles, never mind that they’re half the whiskey you get in a normal bottle

•    Bruichladdich Octomore

•    Highland Park 40 YO
Beautifully crafted and reflecting the authenticity and style of the brand

Bang for the Buck


•    Highland Park 18 yo

•    Balvenie Signature 12 yo

•    Rittenhouse 100

•    Famous Grouse

•    Bulleit Bourbon

•    Black Bottle

Distiller/Blender/Independent Bottler of the Year


•    Glenmorangie
Dr. Bill Lumsden and the Glenmorangie folk who have not paused for reflection for a nanosecond, creation after innovative creation. Fearless in the face of whisky whining on plenty of online forums and real world fests.

•    Glenora
Glenora Distillery in Nova Scotia. From their David vs Goliath fight with the SWS, to Glen Breton Ice

•    Compass Box
Consistently innovative.

•    Heaven Hill
They’ve raised the bar on aged American whiskey with the 27 year old Parker’s Heritage and 21 and 23 year old Rittenhouse Ryes.

•    Stranahans

•    Bruichladdich
Seems boring. But still these guys just keep on going. So many new interesting products last year.

•    Ardbeg
I have misgivings about the number of bottles, availability etc. – but 3 new, innovative releases (Corry, Blasda, Rennaissance)  all at acceptable prices – an improvement on last year with the Mor thing.

Most Innovative New Product


•    Elements of Islay

•    Glenmorangie Signet
In the world of Scotch whisky, there is simply nothing to compare this whisky to. Innovative and interesting.

•    BenRiach’s “Fumosus” range
Even if the names suggest that the Walker clan have been reading too much Harry Potter, they’re doing wonderful things with their peated Speysides.

•    Ardbeg Blasda

•    Octomore

•    Black Grouse
A nice twist on an all time favorite.

Best New Product (whisky)


•    Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

•    Karuizawa 1971
Wow! Not just great Japanese whisky – but great whisky!

•    Octomore

•    Balvenie Signature

•    Parker’s Heritage 27 Year Old
It redefined my concept of bourbon

Best New Product (Non-whisky i.e., book, resource, web site, etc)


•    Whiskipedia

•    Malt Whisky Yearbook 2009

A great blog with a refreshingly youthful, independent outlook.

•    Whisky Dream by Stuart Rivans

•    Goodness Nose by Richard Paterson

Most under-rated-whisky


•    Bulleit Bourbon

•    Clynelish 14

•    Scapa 14

•    Amrut

•    Glengoyne 17

Worst Marketing Campaign


•    Macallan Rankin
Putting the price of a bottle of Fine Oak 30yo up by £500 just because it might have a nudie picture on it is an outrage.

•    (rī)1 (Rye One) by Jim Beam
Obnoxious on every front.  Ridiculous name and ad copy in a club-ready bottle at an inflated price.

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Comments (8)

  1. Richard

    Looks like it’s Tuthilltown’s Hudson “Baby”, not Bay.

  2. I take it the comments in italics are from the nominators, Kevin?

  3. Yes. The italicized comments are all taken from nominations…

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  5. hmm i am missing my favorite.. the Talisker 18yr.

  6. Whisky Shop…
    That’s why we have a nominations period :)

  7. […] here’s where the morons come in. They are people like a commenter on another blog who described this whole matter as an outrage. Human rights violations are an outrage. Starving […]

  8. Alex

    Have you tasted (ri)1? It may be obnoxious, but it’s one of the best ryes available. Plus kudos for any attempt to get clubland idiots to think about whiskey instead of vodka.

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