To 'e' or not to 'e' – Part 2

I’ve been pretty vociferous that whisky should be spelled based on the local spelling of where the product is from and not (as some [looking at you Chuck Cowdery :)] think – that it should be spelled based on where YOU happen to be.

Let’s revisit the lively argument: To ‘e’ or not to ‘e’

Well, seems like the New York Times finally agreed with me…

New York Times forced to drop the ‘e’ in whisky
By Alexander Lawrie

SCOTLAND’S whisky industry is celebrating after a respected US newspaper was forced to change its spelling of the country’s national drink from whiskey to whisky.

For years Scotch experts have been fuming at the paper’s erroneous spelling of whisky with a superflous ‘e’.

But now the newspaper has decided to amend their style guide following “aggressive” complaints in a piece they carried about Speysidemalts.

An article appeared in an edition of the New York Times last month sparking a barrage of letters of complaints about the misspelling.

And editors at the US newspaper have now decided to see sense and amend any future copy that includes the word.

Whisky experts in this country are now delighted that their perseverance has finally paid off.

A spokesperson for the multi-national giant Diageo – who own the J&Band the Johnny Walker brands – said: “There is clearly a hard and fast rule for Scotch Whisky which should be spelt without an ‘e’, and the New York Times is to be congratulated for accepting that fact.

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Comments (3)

  1. It’s all grand when we write about a particular, regional product. I think it makes much more sense to use original spelling. But what if we want to refer to our favourite drink in general, as distilled grain alcohol matured in oak casks? Fancy the “whisk(e)y” version in this case? I don’t;P Do we need consistent spelling at all?

  2. Honestly, I think it’s all a bit silly. It’s the same word, yes? Why is it so important whether one includes the “e” or not? I tend to spell it “whiskey,” because I like putting the letter “e” in words.

    You heard me.

    -Will ;)

  3. Weielele,

    Speaking as a person with 4 “e”s in their name (my middle name is Michael), I also like putting “e” everywhere too. . . whether it belongs or not. :)

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