And now…the winners of the 2008 Drammies

Some of the categories were VERY close. Some were landslides. And positions changed with each day’s votes tallied…But in the end the people have spoken and here are the winners of the 2008 Drammie Awards.

Glenmorangie (LVMH) should be very proud of their showing this year with five nominations resulting in three 1st place medals and one 3rd place. Followed by Bruichladdich with four nominations and four 2nd place finishes. And Edrington with four nominations and one 1st place and two 3rd place finishes.

Congratulations to ALL nominees!

One significant point of order on voting and how votes were counted.

We looked VERY closely at all of the votes – and anything that so much as hinted of impropriety was disregarded.

What was worthy of being disregarded?

  1. Suspicious Volumes from industry domains – I don’t want to create a misconception. Industry people were certainly allowed to vote in the awards – there are a lot of industry people who read this site. It was the volume of emails from single domains that created a problem for me. So floods of emails with similar votes from industry domains were disregarded. (Please Note: We had NO problem with this issue this year!)
  2. Single votes – There were some nominees who let their fans and friends know that they were up for an award. Nothing wrong with that – BUT all votes that came in which consisted of a single vote, for a single product in a single category were disregarded.
  3. Voting in a bloc – You certainly did not have to have an opinion on every category – most people did not. And as stated in #2 above, single votes were disregarded. But if someone submitted votes only in categories in which a single company’s products were nominated – and only voted for those products, the votes were disregarded.
  4. Uninformed votes – A couple of votes were disregarded for specific reasons. There was no ill intent in these votes, BUT when a statement was included that said (for example) “I haven’t tried any of these products, but like the idea of a “Coffee-flavoured malt”, then the vote was disregarded. You get the idea.

The Drammies were created to be, above all, a “People’s Choice” award and to try to disregard the influence that the industry has over the spirits writers and periodicals that generally grant the awards that get touted.

No fees here. Only nominations for the more interesting things out there, and awards for (hopefully) the most deserving products.

So without further ado, your winners…

Best Packaging/ Marketing Campaign

One of the closest races with Elements of Islay & Bruichladdich Octomore tying for 2nd place – and Glenmorangie Signet walking away with the prize.

WINNER Glenmorangie Signet 25.00%

2. Elements of Islay    22.92%
2. Bruichladdich Octomore    22.92%
3. Highland Park 40 YO    14.58%
4. Ardbeg Blasda    10.42%
5. Tuthilltown’s Hudson Bay    4.17%

Bang for the Buck

At around $100 US, the HP 18 isn’t exactly cheap – but enough of you think it’s worth a lot more.

WINNER Highland Park 18 yo 48.98%

2. Black Bottle    16.33%
3. Famous Grouse    10.20%
3. Balvenie Signature 12 yo    10.20%
3. Bulleit    10.20%
4. Rittenhouse 100    4.08%

Distiller/Blender/Independent Bottler of the Year

Ardbeg was once a distillery with a cult. It’s now getting the recognition it deserves. And with Big brother Glenmorangie taking 3rd place, the People at Glenmorangie should be very proud. And remember last year’s Glenmorangie “Brand Overhaul” got second place in the “Worst Marketing Campaign” category. Apparently that is long forgotten.

WINNER Ardbeg 30.00%

2. Bruichladdich    22.00%
3. Glenmorangie    14.00%
4. Compass Box    12.00%
4. Glenora    12.00%
5. Heaven Hill    6.00%
6. Stranahans    4.00%

Most Innovative New Product

Another win for the Glenmorangie Company – and the 2nd win for this particular label. It really is something special.

WINNER Glenmorangie Signet 34.88%

2. Octomore    20.93%
3. Elements of Islay    16.28%
4. Ardbeg Blasda    13.95%
5. Black Grouse    6.98%
5. BenRiach’s “Fumosus” range    6.98%

Best New Product (whisky)

Japanese whiskies taking over the world? Maybe not yet, but this Karuizawa has been racking up accolades from whisky lovers around the world.

WINNER Karuizawa 1971 34.21%

2. Octomore    23.68%
3. Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve    15.79%
4. Balvenie Signature    13.16%
4. Parker’s Heritage 27 Year Old    13.16%

Best New Product (Non-whisky i.e., book, resource, web site, etc)

Turns out I met Neil & Joel last year in London and had drinks with them & Sukhinder Singh. Small world, huh?

WINNER 34.78%

2. Malt Whisky Yearbook 2009    32.61%
3. Whiskipedia    17.39%
4. Goodness Nose by Richard Paterson    8.70%
5. Whisky Dream by Stuart Rivans    6.52%

Most under-rated-whisky

Clynelish speaks for itself. No wonder John Glaser uses it in so many of the Compass Box blends.

WINNER Clynelish 14 38.64%

2. Scapa 14    25.00%
3. Glengoyne 17    15.91%
4. Amrut    11.36%
5. Bulleit    9.09%

Worst Marketing Campaign

Despite Ken Grier’s excellent rationale for the Rankin campaign, our voters selected it, by a vast majority, as the worst campaign. Sorry guys.

WINNER” Macallan Rankin 60.53%

2. (rī)1 (Rye One) by Jim Beam    39.47%

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Comments (4)

  1. Congratulations to all the winners, especially neil and Joel!

  2. I have to agree wholeheartedly. Especially the Macallan. Haha!

  3. kallaskander

    Hi there,

    having won such a prestigious award seems to encourage Macallan in promoting the Rankin edition.

    Strange thing and a pitty for sure is only that in a time where marketing is everything they do not mention the award they gained.

  4. […] some Black Bottle – a blend of many of the single malts of Islay. In 2008, Black Bottle finished second in the Drammy Awards in the “Best Bang for the Buck” category.  Unlike most Islay whiskies, this […]

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