Malt Whisky Yearbook 2009

Still the best whiskyblog! Kevin Erskine has managed to keep the quality at the highest level.

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2008

This is, in our opinion, the best whisky blog at the moment.

More and more people apparently agree with us as discussions begun here often continue in other internet fora.

The Scotch Blog features on-line news and commentaries about the Scotch whisky Industry.

The author is New Yorker Kevin Erskine, one of the more outspoken whisky personalities. He does not shun challenging myths and holy cows within the industry and many of his postings leave plenaty of food for thought.

Whisky Magazine (Issue 64 – August 2007), UK

At the time of this writing, this is simply the best all-around Scotch whisky blog on the web. Author Kevin Erskine provides frequent, well
written, considered and often thought-provoking posts on a range of
whisky related subjects.

The Scotch Blog is an invaluable, informative and highly entertaining resource for Scotch whisky lovers everywhere.

B’Laddie B’Log, Islay, Scotland

The Scotch Blog, written by Kevin Erskine, is a wonderful breath of fresh air for whisky writings – honest, forthright, unbiased and independent – challenging, thought-provoking and daring to confront sensitive issues surrounding the whisky industry. And precisely because he is not involved with the industry (he works in the computer business) his comments and observations are all the more relevant than the corporate blandness emanating from other more ‘embedded’ journalists.

Aberlour Distillery, Speyside, Scotland

The Scotch Blog is the inspired creation of New Yorker Kevin Erskine. A popular online news and commentary website, it keeps its many readers from around the world informed about all aspects of the Scotch whisky industry.


The Scotch Blog is entertaining and educational and the author spares no topic, as long as the topic is relevant to the whisky industry. Everything is written with a polite arrogance that screams, “I know what I’m talking about so be glad you’re here.” However, it’s really that good. The author skillfully dances from industry news to reviews that really pack a punch while pulling no punches.

James Thomson
Ladybank Distillery &, Fife, Scotland

I can heartily recommend The Scotch Blog, written by Kevin Erskine. Kevin is not taken in by marketing hype and because of this I like his writing.

His recent post from behind the scenes at Bruichladdich distillery is excellent journalism and much better than most whisky writing from many established print media writers. Given that Kevin writes as a pastime and not as his main paid day job, this tells me that the best blogs offer a new standard of journalism.

Whisky is poorly reported in the mainstream press. I hope it will improve over time. Kevin is contributing to improving the standard.

Serge Valentin
Malt Maniac &, France

I do like several new blogs actually, like Kevin’s Scotch Blog which is very different and managed to bring something really new. I read it almost every day, great work Kevin.

Euan Mitchell
Isle of Arran Distillery
, Arran, Scotland

Pleasingly irreverent.

Johannes van den Heuval
Malt Madness, Amsterdam

I really like the fresh perspectives and variety of topics in your blog.

Brett Pontoni
Binny’s Beverage Depot, Chicago, IL, USA

Well Done!

John Glaser
CEO, Compass Box Whisky, UK

Scotch Blog really gets it. I’m a big supporter of your efforts.

Jim Murray
Noted Whisky Author, UK

Interesting. Kind of Bible thumping, but more polite…

Ronnie Cox
Director – The Glenrothes, Scotland

I believe you are starting something very interesting with your Scotch Blog.

Tony Dirksen
Radio Whisky, Seattle, WA,

Kevin has a fresh and pinpoint perspective that warrants your attention.

Jay Brewer
Liquor Snob, Boston, MA, USA

We love your blog!

Martini Lounge
February 3, 2006
Scotch Gives Me Wood

I like the Scotch Blog. It’s down to earth and realistic. Scotch tends to be such a snobby echelon of drinkers that it’s nice to see someone approach it from a beer point-of-view. Scotch drinkers make most wine snobs look like a grandma in a casino on Social Security check day.

What does that mean? I don’t know.

Over at the Scotch Blog they posted an article today about wood and Scotch. For someone who is just starting down the Scotch road or heavy in to it, it has some great information about how it’s made and why certain woods are used. A lot of good info.


This is one of the better blogs I’ve read about something as specific as Scotland’s finest form of malt. Insightful, opinionated, and educated.

The Scotch Blog is alarmingly well-written, offering on-target criticism from a connoisseur who is clearly passionate about his Scotch. December 5th’s post, for example, amusingly disabuses the unjustified celebrity of “the world’s most expensive scotch”.

Malt Madness
December, 2005

A very informative and outspoken blog, updated very frequently.
There’s one blog I’d already like to point out to you: The Scotch Blog by Kevin Erskine. Kevin’s blog has only been running or half a year but it’s already filled with loads of useful information, strong opinions and original viewpoints – or, as Kevin puts it himself; ‘straight news and blunt comment on the Scotch whisky industry’.

The Scotch Blog offers lots of variation in topics as well; just the way I like it.

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  1. chase

    I have a unopened bottle of Chaves Regal 12 that was bottled in/around 1957. Is there a value that this is worth or no? I know it’s still a “12 year scotch” but I’m just curious to if it has a monetary value.

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